Thursday, November 1, 2012

Case History email - from L-3 Comm and Bradenton, FL

Mail Message

Thought this would be of interest.

Mitch Lee
Regional Sales Manager
L-3 Mobile Vision
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From: Mauser, Chris @ PRG - MVI
To: Lee, Mitch @ PRG - MVI
Sent: Wed Oct 31 08:39:34 2012
Subject: Fw: Armed Robbery 2012-8498

Here it is as of last night. I will update when I get any updates from him.

This was sent to most of Admin including the Chief.


From: David Sullivan
To: William Fowler
Cc: Sean OLeary ; Darrell Akemon ; William Weldon ; Brian Thiers ; Michael Radzilowski ; Mauser, Chris @ PRG - MVI
Sent: Tue Oct 30 19:12:04 2012
Subject: Armed Robbery 2012-8498

Good evening Sir,

Today at approximately 17:32 hours, officer's were flagged down reference an armed robbery which occurred at 2701 Manatee Ave West. Officers on scene were able to get a partial FL tag of "BGW" from a person that followed the suspects from the business to an awaiting get away vehicle. Officer Meyer, who routinely drives ALPR Veh 44, entered the partial tag "BGW" into the L3 ALPR program and immediately got a hit from when his patrol vehicle captured an image of a tag beginning with those characters earlier this month. The actual tag number was BGWQ37 which returned to a vehicle also matching the description given by the victim. The ALPR system also revealed the model of the vehicle (in the digital image), a Galant, which the victim also advised when the description was initially given of the suspect vehicle. The information provided a valuable lead for the responding detectives and allowed for a quick and efficient BOLO to be issued. The detectives on scene could not praise the system enough and all wanted me (as one of the administrator's) to add them to the ALPR system as users.

I wanted to recommend at the very least, that Ofc. Meyer receives a positive PMP entry for being proactive with the use of the ALPR system. It is an extremely valuable tool and this is yet another example of how the system can benefit investigations after the tag is initially ran and archived by the program.


MPO David Sullivan

Traffic Unit / Marine Unit

Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Bradenton Police Department

100 10th St West

Bradenton, FL 34205

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